IMG_3239Drove bowtie6 to work the other day and on the way out, I see this awesome sunset.  The picture above does it no justice – it was just a little too late and I caught it when it was too dark.

Nevertheless, I thought it made for a cool picture…  Peace.



Ruh-roh.  It happened today: I screwed the pooch.  Bad.

Today’s featured picture (taken 2 days ago) tells the story:  the countdown to 100,000 miles is definitely on.  But…

See that fuel gauge?  It shows half-tank, right?  Wrong!

One of the idiosyncrasies of the 4th Gen Camaro is the fuel gauge.  The tank is “V” shaped and once its passed half, the gauge plummets quickly.  As in pronto.  And for some reason – today of all days – I was oblivious of the fact

As you might have guessed it, I ran the Camaro dry today.  :(  Oh the humanity!!  I’ve been this car’s caretaker for twenty years – this has only happened once before (right after I first bought it).  Of course, this had to happen at a very dangerous intersection and sure enough, I had a City cop come to my assistance.  I must say, he was very, very helpful and even offered to help me push the aging Camaro out of the way.

Fortunately, cousin Jim (and friend Wayne riding shotgun) came to my assistance with the proverbial plastic five gallon container of dyno-juice.  Camaro fired right up once the fuel pump primed the eight thirsty injectors back up.  Amazing!

I thanked the Officer and promptly headed to the nearest filling station (does anyone still call them that?) and topped off the tank.

And so, the countdown to 100,000k is on its way…


Tryon International Equestrian Center

The weather is starting to get just right for nice drives with the top down on the S2000.  Last night, Wifey and I headed up to Columbus NC and had a great dinner at a small restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine: Giardini Trattoria.  Food was great, equally excellent service and overall we had a great time.  Since the sun had not totally set by the time we finished dinner, we headed to the nearby Tryon International Equestrian Center, in Tryon NC.

IMG_3140This picture does not do justice to this installation.  This is just a tiny fraction of what this equestrian wonderland is all about.  After all, word has it that a certain NY magnate and a west coast software mogul have invested many resources in this installation.  From what I understand there is a multi-star resort hotel in the works.  Many years ago, Wifey participated in this type of competitions and it was nice to have the play-by-play from someone who knows what is going on.  Suffice to say this was a $25,000 Grand Prix event.  It was most impressive…

Admission was free, and there are plenty of places to eat on the premises.  It also features a very kid-friendly environment.  I’m not a huge equestrian fan, but wifey and I will be checking this place out soon (hopefully with a better SLR camera, and not just an iPhone).  I am particularly interested in watching a dressage event.  Definitely a very  nice place to visit.

Midway through the event – similar to hockey – the grounds underwent grooming.  No Zamboni here, instead several water trucks and John Deere’s making sure the sand was oh-just-so-perfect.

Weather this morning was also perfect so I headed out for a nice bicycle ride.  I had to burn off the outstanding panna cotta I had for dessert the night before, so I logged a longer than usual ride.  Along the way, I snapped the following picture:

IMG_3158I know, an abandoned farm-house, big deal right?  I’ve written about this very place before – about 2.5 years ago – click here.  It looked less grown up with vegetation then, but the hold house is still there…




Palettes and a Desk

Palettes and a desk:  today’s post.  I’m driving today, just minding my business and out the corner of my eye, I catch a pickup hauling palettes and a desk.  A DESK!!!???


That is right – a DESK.

It’s amazing how folks have the balls (or ignorance) for hauling unsafe things on vehicles.  Then, just pull out and drive as if nothing unusual is happening.  Pure bliss (or ignorance) I suppose.  Today’s featured picture: the poster child of unsafe hauling.  The desk was barely holding on by a strap!

Somehow folks like this get away with it.  If it were me, I’d get pulled over and read the riot act.


My S2K at 12345 Miles

I had a bit of milestone this week:  my 2003 Honda S2000 at 12345 miles!  I regret not being more attentive because I missed the straight flush mileage count by just a couple of tenths of a mile.  Oh well, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to catch it in another 100,000 miles.

On a lighter note, here is wishing you a happy Labor Day weekend.  I was going through some of the older posts late on a Saturday night with Sammy Hagar playing Heavy Metal in the background.  Remember Heavy Metal the movie?  Ha!!  Good times!

At any rate, I’ve made a few tweaks to some of the older galleries in the blog.  I’m trying to optimize performance a little so if you see any strange behavior or broken links, please let me know.

Gasoline is cheap and yes, there is a road trip in the plans.  If I find something interesting along the way, I’ll try to get a few pictures…  In the meantime, be safe and have a great weekend!